Churches Together in Kew is about doing things together. We welcome and encourage all shared endeavour between the churches; communicating, encouraging, supporting, championing all that helps to forge and maintain links between our churches in Kew. We want to help nurture an attitude of mind that yearns to reach out beyond our own church walls, to know and understand one another and our differing traditions better - to journey together rather than apart.  

Christian Aid Week

Refugees: Questions and Answers
with Eleanor Brown, Chief Executive, CARAS(Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers)  Wednesday 17th May, 7.30pm in St Anne's Church Hall, Kew Green.  All are welcome.  

Prayer & Social Justice with reference to Refugees:

A morning of prayer led by Sister Sue of the Community of St Francis. Saturday 20th May, 10am-12 noon, at St Anne's, Kew Green. All are welcome.

Understanding Islam Course

Dr Chris Hewer is giving a three-day course in Kew on May 24th-26th. If you would like to participate (the course is free but a small donation is requested) please contact Claudine McCreadie at  .

Refugee Tales Project Walk

The Refugee Tales Project aims to promote positive messages about refugees. It is organising a walk from Runnymede to Westminster in solidarity with refugees from July 1st - 5th. The walk costs £7 for each day stage and there are free related events each evening. For further details click on the link on the left. 

 Lent Talks

Thanks to all our speakers and to all those who attended the Lent 2017 season of talks. For further details of the talks which took place please click on the link on the left.