The Passion Richmond

The Passion Richmond is a town-centre performance featuring the dramatic Biblical events leading to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

It will take place in Richmond in 2018.

Peter Flower is inviting people to join an hour of prayer on November 20th at 8pm at the Vineyard Life Church, The Vineyard, TW10 6AQ to pray for the needs of the Passion Play 2018.

Parking in the streets around the church is not a problem at this time of night - except on double yellow lines!

If you are not able to come, but would like to receive a regular prayer update for your own use, please let him know. There will be a regular prayer letter emailed out.

Peter Flower

The Richmond Passion Play Team
c/o The Vineyard Life Church
The Vineyard
Richmond, TW!0 6AQ
United Kingdom