Regular Ecumenical Services and Groups 

The leaflet below provides information on services and groups currently running in the Kew Churches to which all are warmly welcome.
Kew Ecumenical Services & Groups 

Ecumenical Evening Meditations

In 2011/12 and 2012/13 we held a series of six monthly contemplative services on Sunday evenings at the Barn Church (Atwood Avenue). In 2012/2013 the focus was on Jesus' Teaching. 

Annual Unity Service

Each year we hold an ecumenical service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (always in the second half of January) at one of the Kew churches.  

Good Friday Walk of Witness 

Each year we meet together to walk around the Parish, stopping at some of the Kew churches for a reading from the Passion, a prayer and a hymn.  For the last two years we have held our final liturgy at Kew Station where we have handed out Hot Cross Buns.

In 2015 on Good Friday there will be a Passion Play organised by the Richmond Churches.  See The Passion Richmond.

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